Diary from a girl who loves her Mobile Application Era in Indonesia

Dear VanWellis Mobile Application Developer,

So lucky I was born in the Mobile era where all packages are simplify, attractive and so ease to help us upon our daily life and you create useful applications not only for individuals, but also for corporate perusal.

People are now very creative on using mobile application blackberry, Android and Apple to support works, social life, family time, and even in spiritual ways.

First, I would like to share my imaginary mobile application represent in Indonesia

  1. I am thinking of Diet Diary Mobile application.
  2. I am thinking of Al-qur’an Mobile application to listened, so I can find my inner peace in life.
  3. I am thinking of worldwide Travel directory include the reservations since it will ease my life
  4. I am thinking of worldwide recipes in my handheld. So every time my mother in law asking me to cook something that she is prefer to, I will cook it perfectly with clue 😉

And there are many which I’d like to share but I am sure you will get boring to read my wishes.

All I knew the two of my dream apps are there, will help me out! And I know that I still have many wishes to all mobile application developers. First, I am fully aware that you are creating something useful to people or to corporate. Well, I don’t mind to wait, but I need you to create this list for me:

  1. Movie Catalog within mobile application will be cool
  2. Quote and motivation of the day mobile Application. I am sure we all need one.
  3. Indonesian Historical Mobile Application. This one is also important. Don’t let the youth loss their sense of belonging about Indonesia. We are rich country who needs their thoughts and hands to build more.
  4. Culture & Tourism Board in Indonesia should create a mobile application. At least let you share the image to be known. Mobile application is our window to see world.

Dear VanWellis Developers,

I am proud with all the projects that you have done. The most salute to Indonesia who has positive response on mobile application. Living in hi tech world doesn’t mean we forget our root, so I think it will be a great and brilliant to have our traditional language into dictionary. Indonesia Dictionary with hundreds of traditional language within mobile application!

Now let me thrown the question to Corporate: Do you take this Mobile application as a challenge to communicate your brands, your pride through mobile application? Are you comfort to interact and give more value to your customers? Please try this Mobile application as your channel strategy. I am sure it will work worth!

Wishes by Dini Sastradiwangsa

Dini Sastradiwangsa

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