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Saturday, July 9th, 2011

Blackberry, Android and Apple has a great business sharing with mobile application developer. All Projects on creating & developing mobile application for Blackberry, Android and Apple are coped in one channel. Blackberry, Android and Apple has their own space to sell or only promote the application that has created by us.

We seek these channels as the opportunity to explore more about what people’s need. Currently, PT VanWellis Indonesia is tried to assure corporate to create digital communication with people out there by mobile application Indonesia.

The expected mobile application Indonesia is the application of Knowledge, Something fresh to know, not only news but information.

Our Brain memory has 30-70 trillions GIGA exceeding the any super computer in the world where has connected to the universe which we call it with universal consciousness.

Much information & knowledge are our brains food combine with people’s behavior in daily basis. Perhaps you can imagine how you would like to see people read your products, content, services, and value outlook from you through Mobile application Indonesia?

Have you considered bringing your joy and spreading it through mobile application in Indonesia that easily access to people?

What information that we can share to people? It depends on your business Industries. Mobile Application Indonesia is able to help Hospitality, Insurance, Banking, Health and Sports, Schools, Courses, Airports, Police Department, Public Information and many more.

First, the company should build the first concept. Does the applications are intended for internal or external perusal. We can discuss for both.

Let me make it clearer, in some point we are understand that company need justified reason on budget spend for Mobile Application Development. No worries, we can create financial ecosystem through Mobile Application Development.

How? By using sharp marketing strategy and e-catalog provided. Simple….

Don’t keep you thinking too long..just calling us and we give you a free consult about this new digital channel


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